How to make the perfect imperfect cookies?

There are as many chocolate cookies as there are recipes. And there are plenty of tips on making the perfect cookies that none of us has the time to try out. Back in 2012, Anita Klasnova started baking cookies with her family for her wholesome food store because she believed that a man or woman well fed with genuinely wholesome food is altogether much happier. Anita followed traditional recipes but decided to experiment with the ingredients, replacing them with wholesome yet easily available alternatives. Today, her cookies are sold in every nook and corner of Bulgaria so you can probably trust her when it comes to making cookies.

1.  Sugar matters

It goes without saying that we are not big fans of refined white sugar and will go a long way to avoid it. Anita recommends replacing white sugar with brown cane sugar. Or better still — using coconut syrup. In addition to being a natural sweetener, the coconut will add a touch of caramel flavour to the cookies.

2. Puffy or crunchy?

The eternal question is not whether the egg or the chicken came first, but whether chocolate chip cookies taste better when puffy or crunchy. The problem is doubly serious, especially if you like both varieties. Here’s the secret: the baking powder makes the cookies soft and using simple baking soda will make them crunchy.

3. Chocolate!

Chocolate is the answer. And who cares about what the question was in the first place. However, shape matters. Instead of buying ready-made chocolate chips from the shop, take a bar of dark natural chocolate and break into large chunks yourself. They won’t be perfectly shaped but then neither will be your cookies.

4. Cooling down that enthusiastic dough

Having made the dough and broken down the chocolate, it is time to brace for the crucial meeting. To make sure that the chocolate doesn’t melt, put the dough in the fridge for a while. Working with chilled dough is easier anyway.

5. Size matters

The more the better is definitely true for cookies. No matter whether you’ve used a baking agent or baking soda, the flavour of cookies comes out best when they are large.

6. Important baking tips

We don’t have baking time tips – you know your oven the best. But Anita advises that you take the cookies out of the oven 1 or 2 minutes earlier, although the cookies will probably appear too soft. Remove the tray from the oven and let it rest and cool down for 5 minutes. Then put in the second batch. One is never enough.

These are our small tips for making the perfect imperfect chocolate cookies. The most important tip is to use good-quality ingredients because the result will then always be excellent, the taste better and the cooking easier.

Share you small baking tips with us. And why not send us a picture of your cookies while you’re at it? Use the hashtag #kurabiinica and show us the miracles you create in your kitchen.



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