Fruit Cookie with Apricots and Vanilla

Sun rays come together in apricots to be harvested by us so we can create this summer cookie. Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling. This is the key to a secret garden where you can escape from the daily routine. Do you hear the rustle of apricot trees? Do you feel the tender caressRead more

Fruit Cookie with Chocolate and Hazelnuts

At last! The formal recognition that chocolate is a fruit. Yes, we all know that chocolate is made of cocoa which is a plant, hence we can count it a fruit. But this is not the reason why we have put this classic combination in the ‘fruit’ category. This cookie is based on dates, andRead more

Fruit Cookie with Apple and Cinnamon

Winter smells of cinnamon. But this cookie with apple and cinnamon is equally suited for a sunny summer day and for the winter cold. The irresistible combination of the most beloved spice and the most common fruit will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Temptation tastes like an apple, and to this one, you may succumbRead more

Fruit Cookie With Dates and Almonds

Dates are an important part of any diet and inspiration for anyone who loves healthy desserts. This cookie is the first product of our new series of fruit vegan cookies that can become your faithful companion in every adventure. No dairy products or eggs, no added sugar, but with lots of the natural sweetness ofRead more