Gingerbread Cookie with Walnuts

‘More for more!’ When it comes to honey, we trust Winnie the Pooh. That is why we put in this gingerbread a lavish amount of Bulgarian honey so that it would make your day. Thus coffee and tea become even more delicious. This cookie melts in the mouth and disappears faster than honey dissolves inRead more

Gingerbread Cookie with Carob

What is it: looks like cocoa but tastes like caramel and cocoa? This special legume used to sweeten people’s daily life long before sugar cane was known. And this gingerbread cookie is children’s favourite. Caution: it may cause a strong rush of energy. Take a gingerbread cookie made of carob flour, sweetened with honey andRead more

Spelt and Cinnamon Biscuit

Spelt is an ancient cereal, a bit forgotten today, yet all the more needed in our daily menu. Spelt is an advisable food that gives a sense of satiety. Honey is an important part of the diet as an excellent source of quick-release energy and a natural sweetener. Small and nutritious, this cookie is aRead more