Super Cookie with Chia and Coconut

Exotic and nutritious, this whole-grain super cookie made of oat flakes, chia seeds, desiccated coconut and raisins will take you to a beach under the caressing rays of the sun and the soothing splash of the sea waves. It has never been so easy to escape everyday life and boring food. Immerse yourself in aRead more

Super Cookie with Cocoa Beans and Hazelnuts

There is hardly a sweeter way to get the energy you need than eating cocoa. Why not try cocoa beans? This whole-grain super cookie with oat flakes and hazelnuts will give you strength for adventure and awaken the rebellious spirit in you. Put this super cookie in your pocket and see where it takes you.Read more

Super Cookie with Cranberries and Almonds

If your grandmother had cranberries in her backyard, she would have certainly used them to bake cookies. This whole-grain super cookie made of oat flakes with cranberries and almonds will charge you with energy. We have balanced the slightly sour taste of cranberries with unrefined cane sugar. Treat your grandmother with one of these. SheRead more